Pine & Human Health

While visiting your local vitamin and health food stores or traveling around the world you will discover that some of the most expensive health care products are pine related. Even Pine nuts are expensive at the grocery store. Why is Pine so expensive as a food or health product? Because of all the natural sources in the world, select species of Pine rank at the top for promoting the highest level of human health and protection. Our pure, natural and exclusive Premium Pine Pollen from the rare and powerful Pinus Massoniana Lamb is superior in nutritional content and health benefits at a much better price.

Pinus Massoniana Lamb (Pine Pollen)

There are 115 species of Pine throughout the world of which three have been used the most for improving human health with consistent and reliable results. The Pinus Sylvestris, Pinus Pinaster and the most powerful and rarest of all, the Pinus Massoniana Lamb. The Pinus Massoniana Lamb is recorded by scientists as being one of the strongest, healthiest and longest living organisms on Earth. The immune system of the Pinus Massoniana Lamb is also recorded as one of the strongest of any life form on Earth. Out of 115 species of Pine throughout the world there is only one, the rare Pinus Massoniana Lamb, that contains the most powerful concentration of nutrients and antioxidants while producing the only edible Pollen in the world in the form of a Super Food. Its strength, health, longevity and ability to adapt, protect and thrive in the harshest environments all are born within the genetic chemistry and life force of the Pollen. All of its power and enormous nutritional components come from the Pollen. Pine Pollen¡¯s outer shell, its armor, is so strong that after being soaked in caustic soda, boiled in water, and exposed to high doses of radiation, nothing could penetrate its inner core. Pine trees have been used for centuries as medicinal plants by the Native Americans and throughout Europe and Asia. Pine needles, bark and oils have produced unlimited health benefits with real and powerful results. Pine Pollen is many times more powerful than the bark and needles. The Pinus Massoniana Lamb is the only species of Pine in the world that grows within the cleanest soils, air and water sources in the world. Pine Pollen is considered not only the most powerful Super Food in the world but is used in medicines and cosmetics for its powerful benefits for health and beauty. Pine Pollen was considered a ¡°Panacea¡± by many people over thousands of years of use due to its miraculous effects to the human body and mind. In Greek mythology, Panacea was the Goddess of cures.

Pine Pollen & Technology

For over 2,400 years only a select few and privileged had access to the exclusive and unlimited health benefits of Pine Pollen. There was no way to collect, store and break the pollen on a mass scale. There was no methods of processing the Pollen into tablet form. The records show that the select few who had access to the Pine Pollen enjoyed great health and longevity in their lives. It was not until the early to mid 1990¡¯s that a major breakthrough in research and technology allowed Pine Pollen to be processed and produced on a mass scale. The Pine Pollen could now be collected and stored with the highest efficiency while the advanced high speed, low temperature Sporoderm-Breaking Technology was invented and incorporated. The Sporoderm-Breaking Technology allows the Pine Pollen to be broken while maintaining over 99% of it purity, nutrients and bioactive elements that are then fully released, and completely absorbed by the human body.

Pine Pollen Selection

Health Solutions International produces the highest quality Premium Pine Pollen in the world. Our select high grade Premium Pine Pollen is 100% pure Pinus Massoniana Lamb Pine. Health Solutions International selects only the finest and richest Pollens from the most thriving Pines in one of the most pristine and untouched regions in the world. Pollens are picked at the perfect time within 3-5 days each Spring ensuring that our special class Premium Pine Pollen has the highest quality and potency. The picture above is a group of Pollens we actually selected. Unlike many of the supplements and high priced Super Foods our Premium Pine Pollen is 100% pure and natural, straight from the tree. Our Premium Pine Pollen contains no sugars, colorings or preservatives and offers many more valuable and specialized nutrients.


Modern medical science has studied the strong relationship between nutrient deficiency and human diseases. Over the past several decades, one study after another has shown that many of the diseases that we know in everyday life are the result of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Anxiety, high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, fatigue, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease and many immune system deficiencies. Nutritionists and scientists acknowledge that our soils and food sources are depleted of the nutrients we need to maintain an optimal level of health and balance through our daily diets. Premium Pine Pollen is a full body nutrition. Premium Pine Pollen is the only food which contains every essential nutrient needed by mankind for optimal health. This fact can hardly be disputed since it has been proven by analysis time and time again in laboratories around the world. Premium Pine Pollen is a food not a drug. It enables your body to heal itself in the most proficient way with proper nutrition. Premium Pine Pollen corrects the deficient or unbalanced nutrition, common in the customs of our present-day life of consuming incomplete foods, often with added chemical ingredients, which expose us to physiological problems as various as they are numerous. In other words you are what you eat. Premium Pine Pollen benefits are based on scientific research from leading scientists, and nutritionists supported by a long history of evidence and user experiences over thousands of years to the present. Nutrition is the most important factor in the health, and longevity of human life.

Super Foods

According to the Mayo Clinic, Super Foods are nutrient dense and carry superior nutrition in the form of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients. flavonoids, antioxidants and high amounts of micro and macro nutrients. Super Foods will reduce the risk of heart disease and other illnesses by enhancing the bodies immune system. The Mayo Clinic also stated that Super Foods hold the capacity to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and infection while improving physical health and enhancing longevity. International medical and scientific experts also agree that Super Foods are powerful enough to improve your health, significantly reduce the risks of health problems and promote a longer and healthier quality of life. Super Foods, unlike dietary supplements, or vitamins taken in isolation, provide many nutrients that support each other and prevent the kind of imbalances that often occur when vitamins and supplements are taken singly. Isolated vitamins and minerals do not occur in nature, and can not be considered traditional or real food. Super Foods, on the other hand are used for optimum health. Super Foods are a special category of foods found in nature that contain unusually high levels of nutrients with superior health protecting qualities not found in mainstream foods. Super Foods provide high levels of vital nutrients that we cannot make ourselves. Scientists are seriously concerned over the quality of foods grown in mineral depleted soils which makes Super Foods an intelligent choice. Super Foods pack a lot of punch! Premium Pine Pollen is the most powerful Super Food in the world based on its origin and enormous nutritional contents. It is universally accepted by the leading medical and scientific communities that the key to staying healthy is maintaining the internal balance of the human bodies while enhancing body immunity. Immunity is the bodies capacity of preventing diseases and eliminating harmful foreign bodies, while maintaining the balance and stability of its internal environment. The people of Asia and nutritionists throughout the world know that prevention and protection is the greatest cure!

What is the best nutrition to Consume?

The most important are the ones you are missing. Premium Pine Pollen provides you with the vital nutrients 99% of you are missing and need to deal with the realities of our environment and lifestyles. The reason why the Pine is so powerful for human health, especially the Pinus Massoniana Lamb, is because it has the most powerful natural chemistry and protection mechanisms in place that most life forms do not have. This is why the Pinus Massoniana Lamb can thrive in the harshest environments. The nutrients in Premium Pine Pollen are vast and many are highly specialized. All are proven by science and by human use to improve, maintain and protect human life as the Pinus Massoniana Lamb does so well for itself. This rare and powerful gift our Earth has provided us will allow our bodies to do its real work. Premium Pine Pollen provides our bodies with the balance of nutrients we are missing so our bodies can restore and rebuild itself back to optimal health the way it was designed be.

What will Pine Pollen do for me?

Leading nutritionists and experts in nutritional physiology have confirmed that there is no way we can get the nutrients we really need on a daily basis through our foods based on our environment, lifestyle and economics. Only a fraction of the proper and complete nutrition needed on a daily basis to maintain optimal health and protection is consumed by the USA and global populations. We are getting calories but not the nutrition we need. Global health conditions prove this. The most important factors in living a longer, healthier and higher quality of life are being completely missed by the majority of our global population. The four most important factors are: Cellular nutrition, an optimally functioning immune system, controlling oxidative stress and some moderate form of exercise. In that order. All of this must be done consistently to be successful. There is no magic bullet and never will be but there are simple and minor adjustments that can be made. The only magic is the body¡¯s ability to heal and protect itself when given the proper types of nutrition it needs. Medicine grossly underestimates the body¡¯s ability to fix things when given the necessary nutrients to work with. Everything starts with and depends on proper and complete nutrition. Cellular nutrition produces the strongest immune system and controls oxidative stress. The only one left is any form of moderate exercise. Our Immune system is in a 24 hour a day battle trying to protect us throughout our lives with the inadequate amounts and types of nutritional resources we digest. That is like giving our military sticks to carry when going out to battle. Premium Pine Pollen provides over 200 powerful, balanced and bioactive nutrients. This is more than any single natural or man made source in the world. Many are the most important nutrients that you are never digesting. Pine is outstanding for human health. The Pinus Massoniana Lamb, a rare and powerful species of Pine is superior for human health. The price tag throughout the world for Pine related products is a reflection of this fact. Premium Pine Pollen also offers the most powerful concentration and classes of anti oxidative agents to combat oxidative stress, which is the root cause of over 70 chronic diseases. Premium Pine Pollen is perfect for maximizing cellular nutrition and is perfect for controlling oxidative stress so our health is truly protected. Premium Pine Pollen fits perfectly with our lifestyles, environment and economics. Premium Pine Pollen consistently meets the demands of our immune system and is a full body nutrition. Our exclusive Premium Pine Pollen is absolutely affordable and simplifies the process of choosing among the overwhelming health products on the market today. Premium Pine Pollen will save you countless time, energy and money with unlimited value.

How long do I have to take Pine Pollen for maximum results?

In order to maximize the results for your over all health throughout your life we recommend that you use Premium Pine Pollen indefinitely.

Pine Pollen Contents

In 1993 the Technical University of Munich, Germany (European Trace Element Metabolism Research Center & Nutrition Institute of Physiology) had the best facilities in the world for testing nutritional elements and their effects. The Scientific researchers concluded through extensive testing and analysis that Pine Pollen had the most complete and best nutritional content of any element in the world. More commendable is the fact that Pine Pollen contained a variety of nutrients, all with biological activity. Pine Pollen is the only product in the world, natural or man made that has over 200 bioactive nutrients all in one tablet. All of these powerful elements work together, in one source, to create the ultimate chemistry and balance, promoting the health, and longevity of human life.